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As Sri Lanka’s largest non-banking financial institution, LOLC Finance is renowned for delivering innovative and real-world financial solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Backed by the strength of the LOLC Group, we have become a trusted name in the industry, ensuring your dreams become reality, no matter the shape or scope.

LOLC Finance PLC is a premier licensed finance company in Sri Lanka with its own unique identity. As one of the flagship entities of LOLC Group, we have remained focused on bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement based on the foundation of uncompromising quality, total customer satisfaction and unparalleled financial expertise.

Beginning with Sri Lanka’s pioneer portfolio of financing solutions, through strategic alliances and bold approaches LOLC Finance has become a beacon of empowerment for the masses; its services reach grassroot level entrepreneurs, the SME sector and high-level corporate executives. This growth and diversification has led the company into areas such as Islamic Finance, Auto and SME Finance, Working Capital and Foreign Currency Business, with the agility to leverage evolving opportunities for growth, prosperity and success.

Today, our company resonates the prowess of a dynamic entity – a stalwart in Sri Lanka’s rapidly evolving finance industry. Inspired by a vision to make a difference in the lives of the people of Sri Lanka, we aim to be innovative in developing new products and services as well as creating new markets, particularly in untapped regions of the country. Our business development is constantly aligned with emerging areas of growth with the expertise of our people, our alliances and our relationship with LOLC because we believe in delivering products that enhance lives, make dreams come true, fulfil long-held aspirations and empower our communities.