Micro Loans

Group Loans

Group Loans
  • 3 members in a group
  • Loans taken by each will be guaranteed by the other 2 members
  • Loan cycles starting from Rs.25,000 going up to Rs. 200,000/=
  • Repayment in monthly instalments at village collection meetings
  • Loans given for income generations as well as for consumption

Urban Loans

Urban Micro Loans
  • Loans given for urban micro business
  • Can be taken as both group or individual facilities
  • Repayment in monthly instalments
  • Loans cycles starting from Rs.200,000/= going up to Rs.400,000

Personal Loans

Personal Loans
  • Loans for salaried permanent employees

Individual Loans

Individual Loans
  • Loans up to Rs.1 Mn
  • For housing development and enterprise development purposes
  • Door step service by a dedicated representative of LOMC
  • Simplified documentation
  • Special assistance on legal and valuation process
  • Reasonable fee on documentation