Corporate Social Responsibility

Community and Environment Initiatives

January 5th, 2016

True to our corporate mission, social responsibility is considered an intrinsic part of our business. Not limiting our responsibilities of being a mere micro credit operator with financial targets, we are committed to nurture our ties with communities, particularly, in which we operate; supporting not only their economic needs, but, also extending a hand to fulfill their social aspirations. Our approach to social responsibility is not adhoc, but focused, well-structured and planned with volunteerism and enthusiasm of employees across the organisation.

Isuru Diriya Sisu Upahara Scholarship

We continued with our commitment to take forward our dedicated CSR project, 'Isuru Diriya Sisu Upahara Scholarship' for the fifth successive year. Reaching out to high-achievers at the Grade Five Scholarship Examination conducted by the Department of Education, our scholarship programme seeks to support, give boost and nurture confidence to take their next step in education.

At a special ceremony held at the BMICH with Mr.Ajith Nivard Cabraal who is the Governor of Central Bank gracing the occasion as our Chief Guest along with the directorate and the management of the LOLC group, we awarded our scholarships to 774 outstanding students selected across all districts in the country. The scholarships comprising cash prizes and gifts reached an investment of Rs. 6.3 million in the year, corresponding to a growth of 19 percent from Rs. 5.3 million in the previous year. As at date, on a cumulative basis, we have spent Rs. 17 million with scholarships for 1858 students.

Environmental Responsibility

Being a responsible financial organisation, it is very much a part of our inner culture to care for our living environment. We have adopted effective measures to lessen our carbon footprint which are nurtured across the organisation and well attuned with the LOLC Group policy on environmental responsibility.

Generally, our environmental initiatives are carried out in collaboration with our parent and sister companies within the Group. Yet, apart from organised and structured group collaborations, we are conscientious in our efforts to ensure efficient resource utilisation, waste management and recycling within our daily operations.