Board of Directors

Mr. I. Nanayakkara Chairman

Mr. I. Nanayakkara

Mr. Nayanaykkara was appointed to the Board in May 2008. He is a prominent entrepreneur serving on the Boards of many corporates and conglomerates in the region. He initially ventured into the arena of financial services with a strategic investment in Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC (LOLC) and was appointed to its Board in 2002. Today, he is the Deputy Chairman of LOLC and holds directorships in many of its subsidiaries and associate companies.

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Mr. W. D. K. Jayawardena Director

Mr. W. D. K. Jayawardena

Mr. Kapila Jayawardena counts over thirty three years’ experience in Banking, Financial Management and Corporate Management. He was appointed as the Group Managing Director/CEO of Lanka ORIX Leasing Co., PLC in 2007 and a Director of the Company in May 2008.

He was the former CEO/Country Head of Citibank Sri Lanka & Maldives. He has played a pivotal role in the banking sector contributing to the financial market reforms, development and regularly advising regulators on prudential requirements and has widespread experience in introducing innovative financial service products to the market.

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Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe Director

Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe

Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe was appointed to the Board in October 2008. She holds an Honours Degree in Economics. She serves on the Boards of Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC, LOLC Finance PLC, LOLC Life Assurance Ltd, Palm Garden Hotels PLC and Eden Hotel Lanka PLC. She also serves as a Director on the Boards of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, Brown & Company PLC, Browns Investments PLC, Riverina Resorts (Pvt) Ltd, Browns Capital PLC, Pussellawa Plantations Ltd, Melfort Green Teas (Private) Ltd and FLMC Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.

Drs. Peter Kooi Senior Independent Director

Drs. Peter Kooi

Dutch, born in 1958. Peter joined the Board in June 2009 and has been appointed as the Senior Independent Director. He obtained his Master’s degree with distinction in corporate finance and sociology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From 1993, he advised ACLEDA as a microfinance consultant over a period of seven years in its course from a development program into a commercial bank.

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Mr. Ravi Tissera Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ravi Tissera

Mr. Ravi Tissera is a development finance specialist and is the Executive Director / CEO of LOLC Micro Credit Ltd. (LOMC). LOMC is a member of the LOLC Group and is the largest microfinance provider in Sri Lanka. Mr. Tissera joined the LOLC Group in 1993 and has held many different positions within the Group. He introduced microfinance to the LOLC Group which has now expanded outside Sri Lanka in Myanmar and Cambodia and serves as a Director in several companies including LOLC Myanmar Microfinance Company Limited and LOLC Cambodia PLC.

Mr. Indrajith Wijesiriwardana Independent Director

Mr. Indrajith Wijesiriwardana

Mr. Indrajith Wijesiriwardana was appointed to the Board in March 2014. He is an international Consultant in development finance and banking with over 25 years international experience from over 30 countries. His key areas of experience include Microfinance and SME Finance (MSME). His experience extends to management of national development projects on behalf of governments and international funding agencies. His expertise includes programme design, policy and strategy, developing inclusive financial systems, developing capacity in financial institutions focusing on MSME, institutional transformations and product development process improvements, risk management.

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